The criticality of packaging cannot be overstated especially when it comes to synthetic absorbable sutures which are moisture sensitive and tend to lose their tensile strength and absorption properties if not packed with a proper moisture and oxygen resistant barrier which is hermetically sealed.

Lotus met this challenge in consultation with DuPont, USA world-renowned experts in packaging and industrial polymers. After in-depth study and several trials, Lotus custom-developed for the first time in India, a unique, hermetically sealed aluminium peel-off pouch for packaging the entire range of synthetic absorbable sutures.

Our efforts did not stop there: because for the first time, in the history of synthetic absorbable sutures, a vacuumed, nitrogen-flushed, secondary aluminium pouch was introduced to provide dual moisture barrier thus helping maintain the tensile strength of the suture material for the entire duration of its shelf life.

In pursuit of excellence in packaging, Lotus has developed a fully automatic in-line packaging machine where forming, sealing, trimming, printing and cutting are all done in a continuous motion, thus eliminating human error and handling.

As a result, Nuvo has not only increased productivity but also ensured minimum human contact.

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